Quick! What’s A QR Code?

By William D. Engilman

You’ve seen QR codes, even if you don’t know what they are.  A Quick Response (QR) code is a next-generation two-dimensional bar code that encapsulates information.  QR codes were originally designed for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing to store machine-readable information. Camera phones equipped with QR reader software can decipher the barcode and take certain actions, like display a text message, open a Web page, send an email, or exchange a vCard with the user’s mobile device.  Most smart phones have a variety of choices when it comes to QR code scanning software: i-nigma, Mobiletag, NeoReader, QuickMark, ScanLife, Upcode and so on.
QR codes are taking on a new life outside of manufacturing. Businesses are now using QR codes to supply additional information to mobile device users (mobile tagging) on advertising, business cards, email marketing and more. QR codes can contain anything from text information to special offers.  If you would like to generate a QR code, visit:
You can also find other free QR code generators online.  Once you’ve encoded your information, you can save the code to your hard disk in a standard file format, and then reprint it on business cards, payment coupons, advertising or whatever you like. The QR code can encode many different types of information and can accommodate a variety of both inventive and ordinary uses.   So, download your choice of a QR scanner app and give it a try on the above QR Code!

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